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  1. Hello,

    Big norwich fan moving to New Zealand in September of this year. I’m sorting out my priorities as we speak, 1 being norwich city fc.. Do you have a fan group in Auckland? That’s where I’ll most likely be living as the job opportunities for me are fantastic and it seems to be where it’s at for my particular field. Be great if you could help me out, I was also wondering if any fellow Auckland canaries could show me about? Big new world to me, coming over with my girlfriend once I graduate from Uni this year… Be great to make contacts and who better to have contacts with than norwich fans! OTBC


    George Booty

    • Hello Mat. WordPress is limited when it comes to messageboards, so the main place for interaction and discussion is via the linked Facebook and Twitter pages.

      The website will host blogs and I’m working on micro sites for each state (of which QLD will probably be the first). I’m just going to post some details about the first QLD meet in the morning.

      In the meantime, feel free to like the group on Facebook and help us grow our numbers, or if you’re interested in contributing or becoming a member then just fill in the form on the site.

      All the best,

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